Robin Williams and Me

I watched Robin’s Wish today. He has always moved me a lot for some reason, being in some of the most creative movies ever, being completely out of control, and also the gift I had of finding my life casting instructor had cast Robin Williams, Whoopie Goldberg, some presidents, various actors and dancers. The exhibit was for everyone so the molds of their masks were all accessible so you could touch them. I mean, Whoopi, I touched richard Nixon’s face, Gerald Ford, tons of people’s casts were there.

So I just spent a few moments with each one at the exhibit. I remember the torso casts of a couple of prominent dancers. One body had little tangible muscle but was instead so sensual. I ran my hand up her body from her hip to her breat, and it was such sensual art.

But when I got to Robin, as soon as I touched his face, tears started rolling. I just put my palms on his cheeks. With the life casts the plaster remembers every pore and scar, your uneven nose, how dry your lips are, the expression on your face (and if it moved) while the plaster dried.

After I composed myself I laughed because Gerald Ford’s head was massive next to Robin’s, and Whoopi’s was even smaller. She has a tiny head.

Anyway. I miss Robin. He made me feel at home when I got to touch his face in Irving Texas that time.