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Red and blue are not primary colors

Red and blue are not primary colors!

National Association of ANimal Behaviorists

Hello, Animal Behavior Friends, I want to let you know about a new organization that is focused on science-based animal behavior and training. Please take a look around our website! We are accepting article submissions to help us build our library. Our goal is to provide educational opportunities and credentialling for behaviorsts and trainers that […]

Mama’s got a brand new bag

To see more art, please visit Kellie Snider Art and my Instagram at the.kellie. Listen to this while you’re reading: Mama’s Got A Brand New Bag It’s weird how often something you didn’t expect turns out to be the best thing that could ever have happened to a person. On October 27 I was laid […]

Robin Williams and Me

I watched Robin’s Wish today. He has always moved me a lot for some reason, being in some of the most creative movies ever, being completely out of control, and also the gift I had of finding my life casting instructor had cast Robin Williams, Whoopie Goldberg, some presidents, various actors and dancers. The exhibit […]

Lillie and Lola

The Wells family lived in a small town in Oklahoma. My Grandmother, Lillie Wells, was the oldest of 11 children. They lived in a sod house in Oklahoma. All of Oklahoma was rural then. They lived off the land, and everyone worked hard. Lillie cared for the younger children and animals, cooked, and helped around […]

Lower Case Trump

he centerpiece of our father’s unique vocabulary was the word, “trump”. Lower case T. This started maybe 60 years ago and had nothing to do with the Trump you know.

Anita Hill and Me

If you recall Anita Hill’s testimony during the nomination hearings for Clarence Thomas, rest assured, it gets worse. This may be triggering for some people. It is for me.

Karma Cousins

I met Laura at the first meditation retreat I ever went to.  Before the retreat began there was a continental breakfast and social time. Laura and I had never met, but quickly learned that we had a lot in common. A love of animals and the arts. I was hand dying wool for rug hooking […]


There are a billion memes about 2020 being the worst bitch of a year. It’s hard to argue. Every stinkin’ day there’s a new thing. Australia burned, Covid-19. Meagan Markle and Prince Harry quit royalty. Covid-19. 45 was impeached and acquitted. Kobe Bryant died. The Iowa Caucus. Covid-19. Weinstein was found guilty. George Floyd. Brionna […]

Uncertainty in the Now Times

Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Everything about The Now Times is ambiguous. Change and ambiguity are the biggest things we humans struggle against, and we struggle against them constantly. Everything is changing due to Covid-19. We don’t know how it’s going to change, and that’s […]

The Before Times

When I think of great times we’ve had, it includes our tiny, crazy wedding from which we rode away on on a 4 wheeler after being pelted with bird seed, cozy dinners in small Ecuadorian or Scottish restaurants, or knee to knee with a family of three that didn’t speak our language or we theirs […]

Social Injustice, A Behavioral Response

  The United States is in a dismal condition and everything we see going on around us –racial injustice, political unrest, politics overriding science, misogyny, and an ignorant selfishness that prevents us from wearing a slip of fabric over our faces to save others’ lives–was predicted forever ago, because it was already happening. It has […]