Hi. I’m Kellie. This is my blog.

I received BS and MS degrees in Behavior Analysis at the University of North Texas. My book, Turning Fierce Dogs Friendly, was published in 2018. I’ve been the Director of Behavior Services at Humane Animal Rescue for two years, and have been in working in the field of Animal Welfare for over a dozen years. I spent a few years travelling internationally to teach Constructional Aggression Treatment to behaviorists and trainers. I was a freelance writer and freelance artist at times. I met my husband while working as a draftsman in the TV Department at Houston’s NASA Johnson Space Center. I’ve led quite a few women’s retreats. I’ve meditated for over a decade… not all at once.

My husband and I got married in 1987 and we still like each other a lot. We have 3 cats and are out of dogs. We have a nice life in Pennsylvania, but miss our boys. Our sons are grown, and we miss them like crazy. They live in other places that are too far away.

I started a nice Facebook group called, Look for the Helpers Everywhere. Check it out.

Oh, hey, and I wrote some books. Turning Fierce Dogs Friendly, published in 2018, is available all over the place. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Dogwise… just search for your favorite bookseller. It might be there, and if not, they can get it. Final Portrait, my novel from 2000, is available on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. Click on the pics to check them out!